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  • • Compact stature is ideal for narrow rows or highly productive fields
  • • Solid SDS tolerance allows early and worry-free planting over large acres
  • • Good Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance



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  • • Provides super SDS tolerance for an obvious advantage you can see visually
  • • Strong Soybean White Mold tolerance for high SWM risk areas
  • • Superb standability throughout the season



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  • • Very good Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance
  • • Strong Sudden Death Syndrome resistance
  • • Industry standard for Sclerotinia White Mold tolerance

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  • • Proven Soybean White Mold and solid Sudden Death Syndrome tolerance
  • • Provides harvest standability required by growers
  • • Genetic resistance to SCN and Rps1c for Phytophthora Root Rot



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  • • Exceptional yield for maturity
  • • Strong Soybean White Mold tolerance and standability combination
  • • Medium-tall bushy plant type is first to canopy




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  • • Plant early, especially where SDS has been a limitation
  • • Superb standability helps growers glide through harvest
  • • Suitable for either irrigated or dryland acres



View GH3088X

  • • Great defensive package anchored by outstanding SDS tolerance
  • • Outstanding standability in an attractive plant type
  • • Rps1c gene with above average field tolerance to Phytophthora Root Rot

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  • • Proven across varying soils; gives confidence for your farm
  • • Flexible across row spacing
  • • Versatility to take it north or south